WordPress Editing

There are so many ways that you make changes to your WordPress blog.  Check out a few quick examples to modify your blog template.

Theme 1 “Plainly”

How these 2 changes were made:


After: 03_plainly_after_website_code

Third Change on Plainly Theme:



How this third change was made:


Plainly Theme

After:Plainly Theme

Google Analytics code installed on Plainly Theme

Disqus installed on WordPress blog

Theme 2 “Masonic”

3 CSS Selectors that were modified
1) Background colour
2) Blog title post underlined
3) Blog post paragraph changed to Italics

The codes used to make the changes:

h2 {text-decoration: underline}

p {font-style: italic}

body { background-color:#0df1d9; }

The above post shows the following:

  • ordered list
  • H1/H2/H3 tags defined
  • .smdclass labeled and defined with color/typeface/font size on one paragraph