Why do people like their own social media posts?

Liking Your Own Post Meme
Liking Your Own Post Meme

Top 3 Reasons Why People Like Their Own Posts

They say on average, Canadians spend roughly three to fours a day online.  A big component of that is people’s social media use.  One of the biggest pet peeves I have about social media is that people like their own posts.  I see it all the time, most notably on Facebook and Instagram.  What is the point of that? What do you benefit from doing that?  Do you not realize what a tool that makes you look?

Today I’m going to highlight three reasons why I believe people have no problem liking their social posts without hesitation.  There needs to be more articles about this, because this is a topic that not too many seem to talk about, yet it exists out there!

Someone liking their own status message
Really Patricia…really?

They want to increase their vanity metrics

Whenever I am scrolling through my social feeds, I’ll see someone on my friends’ post be the first person to like their own content.  Wow, you just added one like to your post, congratulations 👏🏻.  In non earth-shattering news, to me this is viewed as a cheap attempt to boost yourself for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, I know you are the author of the post, that’s why I’m following you in the first place.  But when you hit your own FB ‘Like’ or IG heart icon button, you are simply just elevating your vanity metrics.  A vanity metric is simply a worthless feel good stat, that does nothing to grow your business.  You might think it is adding value by having x amount of likes to validate your post.  In reality, this is truly devaluing your post because you thought having more likes would make your content more appealing.

Someone liking their own FB status
Thanks for letting me know, Shawn.

Can seed potential engagement with your audience

So, here’s the scenario.  You’re about to publish your post and hit the post button.  You’re reviewing the text you included.  You checked properly for all the tagged people’s names and included the right location as well.  The post goes then goes live and you sit there, watching the seconds and minutes pass by.  That moment of anticipation…or no participation starts to trigger you.  “Will anyone like my post?” You say to yourself, “I know people just scrolled right passed by it…this is the Internet, we see everything right!?”

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