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WordPress Editing

There are so many ways that you make changes to your WordPress blog.  Check out a few quick examples to modify your blog template.

Theme 1 “Plainly”

Theme 1 - Twenty Sixteen
Plainly Theme Installed (Click To Enlarge)
Plainly Theme
Font Family and Color Font modified (Enlarge)

How these 2 changes were made:


After: 03_plainly_after_website_code

Third Change on Plainly Theme:


Plainly Theme
Plainly Theme Navigational Tab Background Color (Enlarge)


Plainly Theme
Plainly Theme Navigational Tab Background Color changed to Yellow (Enlarge)

How this third change was made:


Plainly Theme

After:Plainly Theme

Google Analytics code installed on Plainly Theme

Google Analytics tracking code
Google Analytics tracking code (Click to Enlarge)

Disqus installed on WordPress blog

Disqus (Click to Enlarge)

Theme 2 “Masonic”

Masonic Theme
Masonic Theme installed (Click to Enlarge)
Masonic Theme
Masonic Theme – Unmodified (Click to Enlarge)
Masonic Theme
Masonic Theme – Modified with 3 CSS selectors (Click to Enlarge)

3 CSS Selectors that were modified
1) Background colour
2) Blog title post underlined
3) Blog post paragraph changed to Italics

The codes used to make the changes:

h2 {text-decoration: underline}

p {font-style: italic}

body { background-color:#0df1d9; }

Blue Jays Facts
Blue Jays Facts WordPress / HTML syntax exercise (Click here to visit web page)

The above post shows the following:

  • ordered list
  • H1/H2/H3 tags defined
  • .smdclass labeled and defined with color/typeface/font size on one paragraph

Blue Jays Facts



The Greatest Home Run Hitters in Blue Jays History!

This is a WordPress HTML syntax excercise.

  • Carlos Delgado (336)
  • Jose Bautista (265)
  • Edwin Encarnacion (239)
  • Vernon Wells (223)
  • Joe Carter (203)

Who had the bigger Home Run, Jose Bautista (2015) or Joe Carter (1993)?

While Joey Bats’ bat flip was heard around the world, it was Joltin’ Joe who hit the biggest home run in team history in a pre-social media world, that brought home Toronto’s second consecutive World Championship.

Who is the best Defensive player in Blue Jays History?

Roberto Alomar without a question!