Two Images that capture Visual Communications

Visual Communications
Visual Communications image courtesy of LinkedIn

Throughout this past decade, we have seen the emergence of various applications on our smartphones that we cannot live without.  One of them in particular is Instagram, which is one of the most popular apps used in the world right now.  Simply known as IG or sometimes The ‘Gram, this visual communications platform is recognized for its ability to tell stories.  This has now become a destination for businesses to build brand awareness and identity in selling products and ideas.  The following two images selected below I will deconstruct the meaning behind them and the message they attempt to convey.

Visual Communication Image 1

This image instantly triggers an emotional reaction.  Samsung has provided a snapshot of what almost every single person does when they wake up…Get some coffee and check their phone.  It’s a highly likely universal practice among students and working class.  The color describes the feel that this could be at home, at the cottage, a workplace table or even a coffee shop environment.  The coffee design in the cup paired with two phones in the image denotes maybe this is something a couple would do, browsing their phones in the AM.  Samsung connects the audience with a relatable practice and introduces their latest smartphone model for consumption.

Visual Communication Image 2

I believe adidas got it right with this ad. Their purpose is to sell shoes and the imagery shows the product in motion, in branded uniform for that matter. The gloomy color in the photo paints a picture that their products are what you need, regardless of the weather conditions of any given day. The caption in the post also adds as a narrative using the word “steps”, as the actual image has multiple stairs as the backdrop. The image also creates the idea of team unity as well. They sell an overall theme of  fitness and travelling on a path to success integrated into this post.